The best (and worst) Mass Effect Legendary Edition party members


Mass Effect Legendary Edition is here, and it’s the best way to revisit BioWare’s beloved series – or to experience it for the first time. Ever since the game debuted, the Tom’s Guide staff has spent a lot of time diving back into the adventures of Commander Shepard and their motley crew of soldiers, scientists and aliens. And, naturally, we had a lot of opinions on which party members we liked to bring with us, and which had to stay behind on the Normandy.

We asked the Mass Effect fans on staff to choose their favorite and least-favorite party members from the first three games. And, just to keep things interesting, we stipulated that we couldn’t have any repeat characters; everyone had to choose two different party members. Here, then, are the best and worst Mass Effect Legendary Edition party members, according to the Tom’s Guide staff. Who was part of Shepard’s squad in your game?

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