Battlefield 6 live blog — all the big news as it happens



We don’t know when the next Battlefield game will come our we’d guess the fall. But while you wait for Battlefield 6 why not try out Battlefield 4 as it’s free to play right now. 

Our friends over at GamesRadar have a report on some last-minute Battlefield 6 leaks. The info drop seemingly details a new Specialist system to replace the class system in the previous games, as well as noting the story involves a near-future setting where the U.S and Russia “at the brink of war.” 

We expect there to be tank and aerial combat, as well as some frenetic run-and-gun action. At least that’s going by leaked Battlefield 6 gameplay screenshots. 

There’s now only 30 minutes or so to go before the next Battlefield game is shown off. Expect to see PS5 and Xbox Series X gameplay. 

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