Kena: Bridge of Spirits plays it safe — and that’s OK


Kena: Bridge of Spirits was one of the first games we ever saw for the PS5. As such, fans have been waiting for more than a year to take control of Kena and guide her through a fantasy world inspired by East Asian mythology. During the Tribeca Film Festival, I got a chance to go hands-on with Kena, and got a substantial taste of this spirited action game, which will debut on August 24 for both PS5 and PC.

My demo comprised an hour of gameplay from what appeared to be an early part of the adventure. I took control of Kena: a teenage girl who has the ability to communicate with the spirit world – as the game’s title suggests. There’s a distinct Avatar: The Last Airbender vibe, since Kena wields a magic staff and acts as a medium between the mortal world and a more fantastical one. And, like Avatar, Kena: Bridge of Spirits draws inspiration from East Asian folklore, in its visuals, setting and story.

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