Nintendo’s Metroid Dread makes me feel like a kid again — here’s why


E3 2021 wrapped up earlier this week and the star of the show — for me, anyway — was the surprise announcement of Metroid Dread. Fifteen years in the making, this fifth installment in the mainline Metroid series (which doesn’t include the Prime trilogy) sparked a joy in me that I haven’t felt in, well, a really long time.

Despite loving many games in the last decade, such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, I’ve become jaded. Sure, I’m interested in something like Elden Ring, but my general cynicism sours a lot of potential excitement about new games. In fact, I barely remember the release schedule for new games — something I used to be extremely good at tracking. Perhaps that’s just a sign of age, but I think it boils down to a sense of boredom with the industry. 

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