Amazon PS5 restock with ‘1,000s’ of consoles could be coming soon, claims employee


After a surprise PS5 restock on Prime Day, it was assumed that Amazon wouldn’t have stock of Sony’s in-demand gaming console for several weeks. However, a Reddit user claiming to be an Amazon employee has suggested the online retailer is already building up quite a stock of the coveted machine. 

The information comes from a post by Reddit user Sure-Estate-8094. The poster claims to be an Amazon employee and notes that while the warehouse in which they work has just 50 PS5 units, the retailer has “1,000s” in total. The user states that there’s “no telling how many Amazon actually has” but the implication of this post is that the retailer is gearing up for another restock soon. 

The alleged Amazon employee also provided an image that they claim is from inside an Amazon warehouse. In the background of the image, we see a pallet containing multiple PS5s, as well as several large boxes. Presumably, these boxes are also filled with PS5 consoles. 

(Image credit: Sure-Estate-8094)

While the image and accompanying post would certainly suggest that the next Amazon PS5 restock isn’t too far off, another Reddit user has theorized that these consoles may actually be units sold during the retailer’s last restock on Prime Day. A claim the employee has not yet refuted. 

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