I’ve been playing Scarlet Nexus — and it’s refreshingly straightforward


Scarlet Nexus is a new JRPG from Bandai Namco and it’s a very good one. In my Scarlet Nexus review, I talked about the engaging combat and the characters, both of which led to many enjoyable hours. As I wound down from the review, I had some time to think back on my time with the game.

I came to the conclusion that part of what I loved about Scarlet Nexus was how straightforward it is. The game tells you how to use its mechanics, introduces its cast of characters, and then tells you a story while letting you beat up some baddies. There’s no turn-based combat to bore you — I realize I might burn at the stake for saying that — and the plot doesn’t require your utmost attention to sift through obscure references.

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