Windows 11 brings Xbox Series X’s greatest strengths to the PC — here’s how


Windows 11 isn’t just a productivity tool; it’s also a gaming platform. While it’s easy to get swept up in the PS5 vs. Xbox Series X debate, the PC is still arguably the best gaming platform around, with unparalleled graphical chops and a library that far outstrips even the most backwards-compatible console. Windows has been the go-to gaming OS for decades, and Windows 11 looks to continue that trend thanks to three major upgrades.

Sarah Bond, corporate vice president of the game creator experience and ecosystem at Microsoft, explained what Windows 11 will bring to the world of gaming in the official Xbox Wire blog. From HDR color palettes, to fast-loading SSDs, to Xbox Game Pass compatibility, there’s one undeniable trend: gaming on Windows 11 will probably feel a lot like gaming on an Xbox Series X. And since Xbox Series X offers an excellent gaming experience, that has the potential to be a very good thing.

Auto HDR, DirectStorage and Xbox Game Pass

(Image credit: Microsoft)

To summarize Bond’s post briefly, she discussed three key elements in the Windows 11 gaming ecosystem: Auto HDR, DirectStorage and Xbox Game Pass for PC. None of these elements is completely unprecedented in the world of PC gaming, but each one has the potential to make the experience just a little more seamless.

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