Tom’s Guide Hero Awards 2021: The best breakthroughs of the year


To cap off the Tom’s Guide Awards for 2021, we bring you our first annual Hero awards, which recognizes the very best innovations, brands and products of the year. We’re also celebrating those companies that are going the extra mile with diversity at a time when it’s more important than ever that everyone has access to the latest technological advances and more opportunities to learn and thrive. 

From a chip that is changing the world of computing and a console so hot that it feels like you win the lottery when you snag one to a fierce chipmaker that is changing the game (literally and figuratively), here are the Hero award winners for this year.

Breakthrough Award: Apple M1 chip

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple M1 chip is the kind of breakthrough that redefines what a computer can do. And this piece of Apple Silicon — which delivers stellar performance along with record-breaking battery life —  was years in the making

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