PS5 restocks are now easier on Amazon — but only if you have Prime


Amazon is trialing PS5 restocks with an early access window exclusively for Prime members. This could help fight off scalpers looking to bulk buy consoles in order to resell for profit, and subsequently make restocks easier for genuine customers. 

The retailer stealthily made this fairly dramatic change during its latest PS5 restock in the U.K. Sony’s in-demand games console was restocked this morning (July 14) and during this drop customers signed up to Amazon Prime were able to purchase the machine first. Unsurprisingly, the limited stock sold out before it could reach general sale making this restock essentially a Prime-exclusive drop. 

The retailer alerted customers to this change in how it runs PS5 restocks with a note on the products listing page that reads “Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to the PlayStation 5 until July 14th 2021.” The wording suggests this could just be a one-off Prime priority restock, although there is of course the possibility that once the retailer is ready to drop stock again the date will be reset.  

(Image credit: Amazon)

So far this early access window has only been seen in the U.K. However, Amazon has a history of testing new offers and schemes on its individual national sites before rolling them out across its international network. So, don’t be surprised if the next U.S. drop also has a Prime priority window. 

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