How to play the Final Fantasy XIV free trial


It’s become something of a meme that you can play Final Fantasy XIV and its first expansion, Heavensward, for free. While you’ll still have to pay up for later expansions and higher-level content, you can easily log more than 100 hours in Square Enix’s excellent MMORPG, experiencing two complete story arcs, without ever paying a penny for it. Better yet: Doing so is extremely easy.

Granted, you’ll have to face a few restrictions, and you may well wind up spending some money before all is said and done. Square Enix offers this free trial in the hopes of creating new subscribers, after all. But since FFXIV is an excellent game, and you really can play through two whole arcs for free, there’s very little reason not to at least try it.

How to get Final Fantasy XIV free trial: Download client

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Downloading the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial client is pretty simple, but it does vary somewhat depending on whether you’re playing on the PC, Mac, PS4 or PS5.

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