The Best Xbox One Family Games

Lego Dimensions Playing with Legos is an age-old family activity, and Lego Dimensions recaptures that same joy in video game form. The $90 starter pack of this toys-to-life game gets you Batman, Gandalf, and Wildstyle from the The Lego

10 Best Game Companion Apps

The Dying Light Companion (Android, iOS) As you might have noticed, the companion apps we've spotlighted here aren't just about stats and maps, but about adding to your gaming experience. Like Battlefront Companion and Battleborn TAP, The

How to Get Into the Titanfall 2 Beta

If waiting for the Oct. 28 release date for Titanfall 2 feels more painful than a gut-punch from a giant robot, worry not; you'll have a few chances to try out the game early. Developer Respawn Entertainment is holding two "tech tests" for…